Apotex Pharmachem is powered by passionate people and we strive to support the future success of our organization by continuing to seek out individuals who bring this type of outlook and focus to our team.

Our organizational culture at Apotex Pharmachem is one that fosters openness, innovation and opportunity as well as continuous personal growth through collaboration.

Celebrating diversity is about encouraging and nurturing the uniqueness among our people. We recognize the value that exists in the diversity within our workforce and we know that diversity is a key component in broadening our experience and technical competency base to solve the problems we encounter in the global marketplace.

We want to recruit, support and retain employees who are:
● Self-motivated and results-oriented
● Creative and innovative in thinking beyond their normal job responsibilities
● Continuously searching for the next challenge
● Keen to take risks and embrace changing priorities
● Willing to take accountability for their contributions to the success of the company
● Committed to teamwork and collaboration
● Able to stretch their capacity for personal and professional growth

If you fit the above profile, apply now to become part of the Apotex Pharmachem team.

Please use the link above to apply for current opportunities. Should you encounter any technical challenges during your application, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.