A member of the Apotex Pharmachem Group

Signa’s facility has four Productive Plants and a high pressure hydrogenation unit in an isolated bunker. The total reaction capacity is 94,800 gal. The range of the volumetric capacity ranges from 300 to 3,000 gal. The Facility is now designated as a multiproduct and multipurpose Plant with the capacity to handle 35-40 different final products and their intermediates concurrently. Each Plant has its own clean room (100,000 class), where the API is isolated, dried, milled and packed.

As a multipurpose facility, Signa can carry out a wide range of different chemical reactions to comply with the highest standards of Safety, Environmental Protection and cGMPs.

Additionally, a rectification column and a flash distillation unit yield a capacity of 3,000 Lt/hour of recovered solvents.

Taking into consideration the high production volume of the facility, Signa’s tank farm is amply sized with 36 tanks and a total storage volume of 1,196,000 Lt.

Plant Capabilities

  • Standard Operating Temperature Range: - 15 °C to 140 °C
  • High pressure/high vacuum operating ranges
  • Low & High Temperatures Capability from: - 80 °C to 150 °C